This is going to be an ongoing series of blog posts dedicated to discussing important information on Google Analytics, as it relates to your digital edition. Today, I will talk about how to view your publication’s page view statistics.

You should be on your Dashboard when you first log in to Google Analytics. If not, go to your Dashboard by clicking ‘Dashboard’ in the navigation menu on the left.

To view your page views, simply click  ‘Pageviews’ in the Site Usage pane of your Dashboard.

From there you should see a screen displaying information about the page views for your site. You should see a day by day breakdown below a graph, which will display which days saw a greater amount of page views in comparison to other days in the date range.

You can always change the date range on any of these screens in Google Analytics by clicking on the area where the date range is displayed.

Pageviews in Google Analytics 2

That is useful for looking at your entire site as a whole; however, what if you only want to see  one specific part of your site’s page view information?

From the Dashboard, click on ‘Content’ in the navigation menu.

Viewing Page Views in Google Analytics

In the Content Overview screen, click ‘Pageviews,’ located underneath the graph.

Viewing Page View Content on Google Analytics

Now you should be in a screen like the one below. It should display a title called ‘Top Content’ and display a page view graph similar to the one you saw previously.

This is where you can specify to view a particular part of your publication’s online elements. At the bottom of the screen you should see a search box with the phrase ‘Filter Page:.’ This search box is where you can specify which part of your publication you’d like to view.  Let’s say you are a customer that publishes phone books in a lot of different areas but you only want to see the page view information for your St. Louis phone book. Simply type “St. Louis” in the search box and hit ‘Go.’  The same could work if you only wanted to view Yellow Pages information by typing “St. Louis Yellow Pages.” This works for all customer types.  If you are a catalog customer and only want to see the information for your Fall 2010 catalog you would simply type “Fall 2010” in the search box.

Viewing page views through content in Google Analytics

A noteworthy and useful area on this screen is the ‘% of Site Total.’  This tells you what percentage of total page views this particular section of your site/digital edition(s) is getting.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tips on Google Analytics.  Feel free to drop me a line if you are having trouble finding/understanding any statistic.

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