This is the second post of an ongoing series of blog posts dedicated to discussing important information on Google Analytics, as it relates to your digital edition. Today, I will talk about where you can view which URLs users are clicking in your publication and the total number of clicks each URL is receiving.

When you log in to Google Analytics, you should see your Dashboard. If not, proceed to your Dashboard by clicking ‘Dashboard’ in the navigation menu on the left.

To view URL clicks, first go to your Event Tracking Overview page.  To do this, click ‘Content’ and then ‘Event Tracking’ in the navigation menu on the left. Below is a screen where various “events” are tracked. URL clicks are considered an event labeled as ‘PageLink.’  In most cases, the PageLink event should always be the top event in your Event Tracking Overview page.  To view only URL clicks, simply click on ‘View all’ in the ‘Top Events’ area of the page inside the ‘Page Link’ pane.

URL Clicks in Google Analytics 1

Once you click ‘View all’, you should be taken to a screen that looks like the one below. This page shows you URL click totals for each specific section of your site. So if you are a directory customer, it should list your various directories. If you are a catalog customer, it should list each of your catalogs.

This screen is very useful for giving you an overall summary of how many URL clicks each section of your site is receiving. Even more useful is being able to see exactly which URLs are clicked. This is done by simply clicking on one of the ‘Event Actions.’

URL Clicks in Google Analytics 2

Once you are viewing the ‘Event Actions,’ you should see a specific break down of all the links that have been clicked in each specific section of your site. For catalog customers, this should consist of the different product links that are clicked. For directories, you should see a list of all the URLs within your listings and ads that users have clicked.

This stat would be used in different ways depending on what type of publication you have.  For directories, it is useful for seeing which advertisers are getting the most traffic in your directory. For catalogs, it can help to identify which products are most popular in your catalog. You can even see the dates when each of these URL clicks took place. To do this, simply click on one of the URLs in the ‘Event Label’ column.

URL Clicks in Google Analytics 3

You should again see a graph that charts that specific URL click day by day. For a statistic nerd like me, it is very fun to see if there is any correlation between day of the week and the types of products purchased on certain days.

Well that is all for today. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more tips on Google Analytics. As always, feel free to drop me a line if you are having trouble finding/understanding any statistic.

*Please note your publication must be in version 7.3.2 or higher in order for these events to be tracked.

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