Coming to a directory near you!!! We are preparing to launch a fresh new way to create revenue opportunities for both you and your advertisers. Keep reading to learn more about a fantastic opportunity for directory publishers that want to drive new revenue through their traditional print ads. If you’re not interested in generating more revenue then this is the shortest post you have read all day.

AdClix LogoSo, what exactly is this AdClix thingy? Well, let’s start with a bird’s eye view of the program and then I’ll tell you a little bit about the success of one certain publisher in our closed BETA test.

AdClix is a value add to your existing print advertisement giving you a set of tools and resources to make you the authority in both print and Internet listings. To keep it plain and simple, each advertiser that purchases an ad enhanced by AdClix will receive an online business profile page (that gets indexed at the same rate as both Foursquare and Twitter Places pages) in addition to registration as a local business with today’s top search engines and over 100 other data points that generate better local search results. No matter how many books and headings your advertisers appear in, they’ll still only pay the single flat fee for this service making it an easier sell. What’s really cool is depending on how many AdClix ads you sell, you have the potential to recoup your digital publishing costs and then some.

Here’s what one of our Beta program publishers has said:

Coastalbend Redbooks believes that AdClix will continue to be well received by local business advertisers. “We’ve been able to upgrade many of our current advertisers from listing and in column ads to display ads just so they can get into the AdClix program.”

They go on to say, “Dirxion and AdClix greatly complement our line of local advertising services. The product is bringing in new customers, it’s functioning… and our customers are being found in the places we promised. We’ve met a key market demand by helping these small businesses be found on the Internet, which is what they have been asking for.”

CoastalBend has had such success that they are looking into expanding their current book offering with two new books!! That alone should be the proof of the power of AdClix in the hands of a savvy publisher.

Written by Mark Thomas