In just a few short weeks, we will be expanding our AdClix business profile page to be able to offer not only better integration with social media but also more comprehensive business information all around. That’s right, directory publishers, just a few months into the program and AdClix is already getting better.

Now, advertisers will have the ability to interface with Twitter AND Facebook directly from their business profile page. This brand new Facebook integration enables your business to be found on Facebook when someone “Likes” your profile page. Spiffy, huh?

In terms of more comprehensive business information, we divided these expanded features into two sub-sections – Enhanced Local Business Information and Enhanced Business Details. See below for a more detailed analysis of what you can expect to see pop up on the business profile page in the coming weeks.

Enhanced Local Business Information:

} Coverage Areas
Coverage Areas are defined as areas of service or communities that the business serves.

} Categories
Categories are the headings in which the company is found in the phone book. These headings will be hyperlinked and if clicked will take users via search to that specific heading in the digital directory.

Enhanced Business Details:

} Description
Description will be a field that allows the business/advertiser to describe what they do.

} In Business Since
This will allow the advertiser to input what year the company was founded.

} Certifications and Affiliations
This will be an area where the advertiser can list their affiliations (for example, “Partnership for Air-Conditioning”). They will also be able to input that particular association’s website, which will be hyperlinked.

} Specialties
A Listing of specific areas of business in which they specialize.

} Brands
Specific brands or items a business carries.

} Hours of Operation
Days and hours the business is open.

} Payment Methods
Basic methods of payment accepted.

These new features were simply added to offer richer and more detailed information about your business. Now, after you reach customers when they are searching for services and products you offer, you can engage them with all of the business details and tools they need to make an informed purchase decision. Believe me, your customers will appreciate it!

I’d also like to mention here how rapidly AdClix business profile pages are being indexed. Over the last 90 days, 23% of organic visits are going to profile pages. Comparison of the last 30 days to the previous 30 days shows a 92% increase in search engine referrals. A proud moment for us AdClix geeks 🙂

For those of you that want an AdClix refresher course after reading all this, click here.

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