Dirxion’s digital editions are very unique in the sense that we can create custom interfaces for most languages. So far, we’ve worked with clients that publish in the following languages:

} Portuguese
} French
} Spanish
} German
} Chinese
} Japanese

So when Samsung Techwin (a driving force in the development of Samsung’s precision machinery, image and optical businesses) came to Dirxion with a desire to convert their multi-language catalog into digital format to better reach their global distributors, we said “OKAY!”

Samsung’s distributor catalog is currently published in four different languages – English, Portuguese, French, and Spanish. Their hope was to have a separate landing page for each catalog that would direct these distributor clients to their respective catalog. They also wanted every piece of the interface from the buttons to the rollovers to the help section to be custom-fit for the distributor. In other words, they didn’t want to skip a beat.

The final result is everything that Samsung had hoped for in a digital publishing solution. In the words of Janet Fenner, Group Manager, Marketing at Samsung Techwin America:

“Not only does Dirxion provide a great product that has helped us grow revenue, but the service I receive from Dave George and the entire team is second to none. If you are looking at digital catalogs, I can’t recommend Dirxion enough.”

We love to hear the feedback and are thrilled to provide a product that can help increase sales for our clients worldwide!

We’ve included links to Samsung Techwin’s multi-lingual digital catalogs below, so you can better understand how digital publishing might translate into global business success for your content.

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