At the end of every year, Dirxion sends out a “how are we doing” kind of survey to our customers to really gain a sense of whether or not we we are meeting all their needs – uncovering the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly. We’d like to think the ugly is pretty rare, but it’s still worth mentioning because contrary to popular belief, digital publishing still requires humans, just like every other company out there. I am happy to report that this year we managed to avoid the ugly.

This year’s survey (covering the 2010 calendar year) asked customers about a number of things, including promotional strategies for their digital editions, specific and overall product/service satisfaction, and future digital publishing plans. I must say, the survey revealed some very insightful information that will allow us to shape our development and marketing strategies to better fit our customers’ needs in 2011. What follows is our analysis of the survey.

The key takeaways:

} Our customers are really starting to embrace social media. The top promotional channels used in 2010 were company website, email, Facebook, and Twitter. Facebook promotion increased last year by 47 percent and Twitter by 38 percent!

} A common pain point for customers is figuring out how best to promote their digital edition once it goes live. This is such a vital point, so we addressed it in a blog post last week, entitled “Digital Edition Promotion 101.” Great information here if you, too, are struggling to get your promotion off to a running start.

}  There is wide appeal for both native apps and web apps. However, more customers expressed an interest in having their digital edition available through a web app (42.5 percent).

} The highest scores awarded were in the areas of customer service and sales professionalism.

} Dirxion customers are satisfied. To be precise, 75 percent are highly satisfied (up 11 percent from 2009), 20 percent are somewhat satisfied, and five percent are neutral. That’s zero dissatisfied respondents (up one percent from 2009)!

} Our customers seem to be pretty ambitious about the future. A little under half of respondents plan to publish MORE digital editions in 2011. Thirty-five percent want to add more interactivity (audio, video, Flash animation, slideshows, etc.) to their digital editions. Ten percent wish to purchase a Mobile Directory App. Another ten percent wish to purchase an iPad Web App. And yet another ten percent wish to purchase a Facebook App.

To me, it’s always fascinating how much more we get out of the survey than simply responses to our questions. This year, it was the praise to specific account reps, the compliments on product evolution and encouragement for continuity, and the shared stories from the customer of all customers – the end user. I want to share with you a few of these “above and beyond” annotations because I think they’re a great testament to the personalized, one-of-a-kind, lifetime service we strive to provide each and every one of our customers.

“Dave keeps our entire team apprised of new product developments and applications. He is truly a great partner for our business.”

“I really appreciate Larry Ball he is a true asset to the company. Very honest and helpful.”

“We’re just getting involved in the Social Media market so for now, Dirxion offers all the solutions we need.”

“Continued growth.. John takes very good care of us!”

“You already offer so much, I can’t think of anything to add.”

“Dave & Dae are awesome. They have always done a terrific job for us.”

“We are a true supporter of and evangelists for DirXion.”

“I always receive excellent service from Dirxion!”

“[Customer Account] has received very positive customer feedback regarding Dirxion’s online catalog product.”

“I’d like to sell several new e‐catalogs. I’d love to see all my magazines up as digital as well as print. I’d like to increase the number of publications by having some issues be digital only. Lots of plans for digital.”

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