Interactive ads tend to generate stronger engagement, message involvement, and attitude toward the advertisements than static ads.  This is according to a recent study from Alex Wang at the University of Connecticut.  With a rating of 9 being the strongest, the interactive ads outscored static ads in the areas:

  • Engagement: 6.67 vs 5.38
  • Message Involvement: 6.37 vs. 5.36
  • Attitude toward the ad: 6.63 vs. 5.50

Even more importantly, purchase intention increased by 37%. For magazine publishers, this represents an opportunity for their publications to stand out from the competition.  A page flip digital replication of the print is a great way to gain a new audience to your magazine.  However, a provider that can add additional flash/HTML5 interactivity is increasingly important for advertising revenue growth.

For magazine advertisers, you need to challenge your publishers to build the most compelling digital editions possible.

Not only can Dirxion help with enhancing existing advertising content, but we can take your files in replicate them in a completely new and exciting format.  The digital edition frontier is still in it’s early stages and has endless possibilities.

Written by Mark Thomas