Dirxion is pleased to announce the launch of their new partnership with ArcaSearch! Through this joint endeavor, the complementary resources and a shared commitment to excellence, newspaper publishers will now have the very best suite of digital services available.

ArcaSearch, headquartered in Elk River, Minnesota, develops digital archiving and researching solutions that allow users online access to an extensive document knowledge-base. Where ArcaSearch digitizes newspapers to preserve the past, Dirxion’s eEdition picks up with online software that is designed to increase newspaper circulation and engage readers with interactive, digital content aimed at the present.

This partnership is one consistent with both Dirxion’s and ArcaSearch’s initiatives, building upon both parties’ long-term relationships with publishers, allowing each company to focus on our their own core competencies yet deliver an improved product offering to the market that is greater for publishers and end-users alike.

Recently, ArcaSearch commented on the partnership, saying,  “Why Dirxion? In seeking a technology partner, it became clear to us that Dirxion offers the best available suite of e-edition services to newspaper publishers and is the best-positioned to remain at the cutting edge of innovative technology.” -Cal Sixta, CEO ArcaSearch Corporation.

Among the highlights of this partnership, effective January 1, 2012, ArcaSearch newspaper publishers will be offered Dirxion eEdition product lines compatible with all browsers, all devices and that will surely to be a nice edition to their print subscription services.

ArcaSearch teamed with Dirxion will be the new and improved way to publish newspapers digitally and we hope that you join us! We look forward to a strong relationship and a common view of providing the best quality digital services newspaper publishers can find.

If you have any questions or would like more information please contact our sales department at sales@dirxion.com or you can call 888.393.1005 for a demonstration.

Written by Mari Barringer