Don’t you hate it when you plan on attending an event and time just gets away? You miss the event and find out it could change the way you conduct business. A powerful tool that drives new revenue into your online directories. Don’t sweat it though, there is still time to take it all in.

The event you missed was an overview of the Dirxion AdClix platform, in conjunction with two yellow page publishers who have field experience selling AdClix. The two publishers include Yadtel Publishing (formerly The Data Center) and Coastal Bend Red Book directories. Both publishers have deep knowledge of the yellow pages industry and can attest to the value of AdClix. The AdClix overview is relatively short and the information provided by the publishers is priceless. To view the complete webinar, click here.

Now that you have watched it, you are going to want to get started. For more details about how to get in with AdClix, send us a note to

Written by Mark Thomas