Extending the reach of traditionally printed catalogs across multiple digital channels and connecting consumers to products in innovative, engaging ways has become an important marketing strategy. We are excited to be closely teaming with Working Person’s Store because they fully embrace this approach.

It’s important to us that our digital catalogs deliver a user experience on par with our client’s high-quality customer experience. Working Person’s Store set the bar high but we believe the finished product has become more than just a web application; it’s a useful, cross-functional marketing tool designed to engage their audience and reach their customers on the channels they want to be interacting with, where they feel comfortable, and where they are steps closer to making their final purchasing decisions – computers, mobile, tablets and Facebook.

The Working Person’s Store is a major destination for quality, name brand work apparel and footwear, while serving a wide spectrum of working people throughout the country. Their philosophy is, “You work hard, and so do we.” The new Working Person’s Store digital catalog expands on that philosophy. We’ve worked hard to creating a new engaging way to connect their content with their community.

Check out The Working Person’s digital catalog at www.workwearcatalog.com

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