So, you’re looking to generate some more traffic to your Local Search site, but want to do something low cost. An old idea in the Yellow Pages industry can easily be rolled into your Dirxion powered Local Search platform. You can already change out your home page images on a whim, so why not make that change monthly and give users a chance to get involved! Simply hold a photo of the month contest with the winner getting some nominal gift certificate to Amazon, a local restaurant, or some other local service provider that already advertises on your site. You may even find advertisers are willing to sponsor the contest, if it starts to generate attention.

Of course, the photos should represent one of the communities you serve and you will need to get the word out. Make sure you post the contest on your site and all your social media outlets and keep it going for as many months as possible. This will keep users coming back to see the latest images and find out who can fix that leaky toilet. Let us know if you need help getting started.

Written by Mark Thomas