Boring title right? Let’s break it down a little and see if we can get the juices flowing.
LOCAL SEARCH– Our online directory platform available to any publisher that wants to provide a robust online advertising platform. It’s a fit for yellow page publishers, B2B directory publishers, supplier guides, specialty service directories, etc…
V3– This is the next generation of our platform. We’ve already made several major changes over the last 2 years, but this is a completely new version. You know when they redesign a car that keeps the same name, but they call it all new, it’s like that, but without the marketing budget.
SERP– Search Engine Results Page. These are your Google results, which I’m sure most think are simply separated into paid and free, but take a closer look then next time you search for a place to eat on a Friday night. It’s well explained on The Moz Blog, How you show up here is important. What does Google show when someone searches for your business? Does it draw in the users attention? Does it provide relevant information?
Upgrade– Now we’re talking, but we are not promising. There’s all kind’s of companies out there that will sell you their secret formula for showing up on Google’s first page. Some of them may even work, but results can change quickly on Google and it can be tough to keep up. That’s not our gig. While our new platform does strictly adhere to SEO Best Practices, today, I simply want to share how we are handling videos in the search results. The new structure of the profile page allows the videos to show up in the search engine results. Just looking at this sample, you can see how this calls attention to the result with a video.

You can see the video result for Subway in Ellijay, GA.

The result with the video is for one of our customers local search site, Perform a quick search for the importance of these things called video snippets and you’ll find all kinds of helpful information.

This is just one in the myriad of upgrades in V3. We will continue to share these, but please don’t hesitate to reach out at any time.

Written by Mark Thomas