Your mailbox probably has fewer catalogs these days, but some large retail companies are bringing back the catalog to bring back sales. After much research they realized the catalog actually led to more online sales, some of their biggest sales. Yikes! No one wants to miss a big sale simply because they eliminated the catalog.

Catalogs are inspiration and the customers who utilize both channels (physical catalog and online use) are the most valuable. According to Kurt Salmon, 31% of shoppers have a catalog with them when they make an online purchase. By reintroducing catalogs retailers are bringing information to customers and building brand awareness. It’s about who knows you.

Don’t be fooled this study wasn’t done on the boomer generation, studies were done at all age ranges. The catalog had one of the biggest impacts on women 18-30. Not only did the catalog enhance the impression of the retailer but 86% purchased an item only after seeing it first in the catalog. That’s one big number.

It doesn’t stop there, marry your catalog with the a digital publication. It’s another opportunity to reach your customers. Our custom branding options will boost brand awareness and give the feel of the catalog. Remember when we used to cut out items from a catalog? Now we are all about pinning on pinterest and sharing on facebook. Let our social media options interact directly with your digital publication through live interactive feed.

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Written by Julia Pinski