How do you ensure your customers all over the world have access to your multi-language catalogs? Do you offer separate websites or multiple languages in one central location? No matter the scenario, we are here to help with the best resolution to your needs.

Keeping the user within the publication interface with a toggle between catalogs of different nationalities is considered a best practice. Industrial metalworking manufacturer, Kennametal, is a prime example. 14 Languages. One url. Canadian industrial tools supplier Acklands Grainger has a great BtoB catalog interface with the drop down toggle – choose between English or French. Once again, staying in the interface as the user toggles.

If separate URL’s are more desirable, consider YP eDirectories. They needed an option for two languages, French and English, to better serve customers in French or English speaking provinces. Instead of using one landing page with a multi-lingual drop down, they chose to use two different links/landing pages and split their directories using that technique.

A third option was used by KohlerPeople where we created a landing page with their six languages under each cover. It works well because the  user knows which language they want and. they can easily select it, go into the publication.

These are just some of the ways we have helped our customers expand the reach of their multilingual publications.

Written by Julia Pinski