When you are doing a home improvement project or starting a new business, it’s always important to have the correct light, right? Whether you are redoing your basement, a new studio or kitchen, lighting is always one of the top updates on the list. But did you know about
smart lighting? Statistics tell us that by 2020, 37 million households will be illuminated with LED light bulbs or lighting strips. That’s a big number and what we would imagine, an even bigger landscape in which to choose the best lights for your project.

Instead of having catalog after catalog strewn across your house or office, why not keep all of your lighting ideas and needs in one place? A digital catalog by Dirxion! Our digital solution allows for you to search seamlessly thru the catalog, bookmark ideas and even gives you the ability to email pictures of the products you like best. Take a look at Schoolhouse Electric’s latest endeavor with us! And we have many other customers who digitize their print catalogs with helpful links and easy navigation, all while still delivering beautiful catalog spreads. Good for you and good for the environment.

This is all done at the touch of your fingertips. So much power wrapped into a clean, crisp interface that can be viewed on any device, anywhere.

Written by Mari Barringer