The Holiday Shopping season is here. According to NRF online sales are expected to increase 7 to 10 percent and in-store sales are expected to increase 3.6 percent. Our online catalog has you covered when you need unique catalog solutions integrating with your existing e-Commerce. For the in-store sales surge retailers are predicted to hire an additional 640,000 to 690,000 seasonal workers. With that kind of rush, your holiday workers need to be trained quickly and efficiently! Some things to keep in mind when approaching the training:

1. Assume they are all starting from the same base level of knowledge. Experienced seasonal workers will be able to absorb the basics faster, but a refresher is generally welcome.

2. Use current employees that have good work habits to provide training and support. Nothing says you are important to us than by putting your trust in a solid employee.

3. Communicate expectations and feedback accurately and in a timely manner. Being very clear early on and holding team members accountable creates trust.

4. Put all your materials into an online training bookshelf that is easy to access by users in the store and remotely. It helps seasonal workers become more familiar with your brand and products. With our bookshelf, your training content and videos can be incorporated along side your catalogs and latest flyers. Our interactive features in the training guide keep trainees engaged and encourage learning. Giving both new and experienced employees access, enables them to see all the information you want them to have including the latest deals and product promotions that customers are shopping for.

Your seasonal workers may only be around for a few months but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be educated effectively. You’re relying on them during the busiest time of the year and hope that they come back again next year. Management will be pressed for time, so equip them with an online tool to quickly and efficiently educate your new employees. We want your guide to be the best experience for trainees and a time saver for management.


Written by Julia Pinski