Touchpoints do more than just grab a user’s attention within the online catalog. They are a piece of the marketing puzzle and when implemented correctly they give your online catalog an advantage over your competitors. Touchpoints are interactions between the customers and your brand, improving customer experience and encouraging product interaction. They are designed to have minimal distraction to the design of the page and photo. They can trigger actionable pop-ups, product data page or additional information links. Just like in real estate, it’s all about location(really it’s placement), especially for the mobile experience.












Planning the careful placement of a touchpoint pays off when we take the product from a desktop/tablet two page landscape experience to the mobile single page experience. Placing that touchpoint too close to the middle of a two page spread could mean that part of the icon get’s cut off or is missing entirely. The  practice for touchpoints is twofold, Don’t use so many that the user can’t see the product and watch that placement. Our production team are experts at the location part of this, but always welcome input as we produce your latest catalog.

Written by Julia Pinski